Kate Thomas, Kate Thomas,certified homeopath, Cardigan, West Wales


"After 4 years of treatment I can honestly say that having homeopathic treatment with Kate has transformed my life. I was diagnosed with MS 20 odd years ago and when I first came to see Kate I was in a terrible state. I lived in absolute fear of everything and I was in constant and excruciating pain, with numbness and spasticity throughout my body. I couldn't walk more than a few paces without becoming exhausted and was on the verge of buying a wheelchair. I was on permanent antibiotics for urinary infections and had little control over my bladder and bowels. Nappies had become a normal part of my life. As we have been working together, all of my symptoms have been steadily improving over this time to the point where I now live a happy, fulfilling and virtually pain free life. I walk freely and only use the walking stick outside of the home. My neurologist can hardly believe what great shape I am in - and I feel the same. Some times I pinch myself to make sure its not all a dream!                                                                                                               So thank you Kate; you hit the nail on the head when you started treating me. We had some ups and downs but God, I never thought I would be this good .... and long may it continue".

LB, Dublin, Ireland.

"Having suffered from serious chronic headaches since I was a child, I always relied on medication until I started homeopathy treatment. Kate was able to expose the real cause of the pain by showing persistence, patience and compassion at the same time. Since then I find myself in an overall better state both physically and mentally. She has been very supportive in every stressful situation I may have had to encounter and always provides me a solution. I would definitely recommend Kate for her ability to see through peoples real problems and help them. Although our sessions are conducted via Skype, I always feel that she is available for anything I need her for. I feel very confident about consulting such a supportive and professional homeopathic practitioner like Kate".

FP, Cydades, Greece.

"After a major shoulder operation and the standard post operative care, I found myself still unable to resolve a number of issues relating to both nerve damage, constant and some times debilitating pain, which was extremely difficult to live with. Not wishing to be treated with medication from the doctors I ventured down to road of homeopathy. I found Kate extremely professional and compassionate and and working together identified causes of the pain and distress being experienced. For the first time in several years my symptoms are no longer 'managed'.  Instead I am now pain free and now have a much better state of mind and overall health. I continue using Kate when the need arises and am happy to recommend Kate as a professional homeopath".

LS, west Wales.

"Having been diagnosed with gout and previously treated by the doctors and always found all the symptoms returning, having to be treated again and again. This had left me with swelling and excruciating pain in my hands the distress of having my wedding ring cut off.                              Kate was able to identify and effectively treat my condition with relatively quick results. Now I no longer experience return bouts of gout and have no swelling and am pain free. Further positive effects of homeopathy continue in dealing with my depression and I continue to experience improvements and feel better than I have done in a very long time. Kate is a caring professional who is always prepared to listen. Explains how your requirements can be helped with the use of homeopathy. I have recommended Kate to friends and neighbours and will continue to do so".

Eva, Cardigan, west Wales.